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PointClickTrack is the best CPA tracking platform in the industry. We built it from the ground up in 2008. Every day we work to improve it and reshape it to our publishers’ needs. It is completely proprietary and we have full control over every ounce of code.

We use cookie and cookie-less tracking solutions. You’ll gain security and reliability through these lead reporting methods. A cookie file can be tampered with or mistakenly discarded by antivirus software which will cost you leads and money. Our reporting methods don’t require a cookie file or a tracking pixel to work. PointClick is on the leading edge with this technology.

Real-Time - Our different conversion reports will keep you up to speed at or nearly at real-time. When we see a lead you see a lead.

Experience - We've been at this business longer than most. We understand it and if something isn't tracking properly we have the knowhow and the means to fix it right then and there.

website - www.pointclicktrack.com